About Us


ProxyLove is an anonymous online proxy service that is trusted by users around the world.ProxyLove allows you to surf the Internet with the freedom and the feeling of anonymous that you deserve. You can surf un-blocked sites, access websites without restrictions, and most importantly access the large sites like YouTube and Facebook.

With ProxyLove your IP, address and footprints across the web are hidden from tracking cookies and regional restrictions. You the user are able to surf where you want, when you want, and without anyone holding you back. ProxyLove is a free website proxy that users trust, provides safety for your web surfing, and delivers on its promises.

ProxyLove is a trusted name in the online proxy world and while proxy sites across the web come and go, we will be around. We have trusted users, we offer online safety from tracking, and give you the privacy you need. ProxyLove offers unlimited country restrictions, the ability to access websites and social networks that were previously limited by your country, and the freedom of the Internet. Trust ProxyLove and surf the Internet, as the Internet should be used.